LeaderBoard Lotto

LeaderBoard V3.5.3.4 is fully integrated with the EuchrePad Lotto Scorecards

When you create scorecards be sure to check 'Include Lotto Section' on the Settings Page

Then download both the scorecards .pdf and Datafile .epc

Download LeaderBoard v3.5.3.4 Tournament Manager

In LeaderBoard Version

Draw Lotto Cards

Every couple of rounds we draw several cards. After the last round we draw several more cards. The person with the highest 'poker hand' gets some money collected from the bumps. Lotto_DrawCard

View In LeadBoard

Players can see which cards have been drawn on the 2nd monitor LeaderBaord Lotto_LeaderBoard

View Results

The Lotto hand-rank can easily be viewed on the 'Results/Lotto' screen Lotto_Results