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Personalized Score Cards

Our friends at have scorecards for your next event. They offer score cards in 6 different layouts: Personalized, Personal-Lite, Tally, Rounds, Rounds-Lite and Vegas. Each layout can be in any of 4 formats: Progressive, Progressive Group, Team, Progressive Team.

They also have several perks to further customize your scorecards. Have extra players? No problem. Want to select number of rounds? You can even assign a single player to stay at the same table for the entire event. Need a rotation chart, player roster or table signage? It's all there.

If you would like to jazz up your evening a bit more, then you can choose from over 200 themes. For instance if you use the Theme 'SuperHero', then someone gets to be Superman! If you have a theme in mind and don't see it, then contact us and if it's family-friendly, we will be sure to create it.

So sit back and relax and grab your scorecards from the quick link below to download pre-built scorecards, or click here to create your own personalized scorecards.

Please let us know how you liked the scorecards.

To get your progressive-play personalized scorecards right now, just select number of players and card layout, then click the 'Create Progressive ScoreCard' button. You will see the scorecards on your screen. Press menu-item 'File' then 'Print' to print, or 'Save as...' to save the scorecards and print later.

Tournament Manager: They also have a tournament manager program, LeaderBoard. This will help you run your next tournament. You load the accompanying data file for your scorecards, record round scores, bumps and lones and at the end of your event, the winners are listed with payouts. Leaderboard v3.5 Download

Payout Calculator: This stand-alone program will compute your payouts. Simply enter, number of players, entry fee and number of payouts. At the end of your event, enter the scores of the players and it does the rest. Accurately calculates ties. Payout Calc Download


Select Number of Players
If you need scorecards for a different number of players click here

Select Scorecard Layout 
Print Scorecards

These scorecards are in the Progressive format, visit our website if you would like scorecards in another format

The scorecard is in .PDF format which requires Adobe Reader to view and print, if you do not have the latest version of this installed on your computer you can Download Adobe Reader Free.

Track your tournament with Leaderboard v3.5

This is a program that is integrated with the EuchrePad Score Cards. It runs the entire event. You import the data-file that is associated with the score cards, and presto. All you need to do is have the players enter their score and bumps - it keeps track and at the end of the tournament - it calculates the winners and payouts. View Documentation

Payout Calc

Calculate Payouts

  • Record expenses
  • Specify players and entry fee
  • Setup # of payouts and payout percentages
  • Enter scores and payouts auto-calculated
  • Correctly handles ties.

Download PayoutCalc