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Euchre Pad™ is the Home of Personalized
Progressive and Team Euchre
Tourney Score Cards

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Are you tired of not knowing the names of the people at your table? Now your worries are over - you can now play with personalized score cards. Enter in your names, import a txt file or choose from a wide variety of themes and just like that - you will have your own groovy personalized score cards!

With many card games like Euchre becoming increasingly popular, other online games like poker are also common in many countries. The basics of most card games are pretty easy to learn, however with opponent-based play, strategy and experience are vital. Use's score cards to keep easy track of your Euchre game and have fun!

A great alternative to Euchre that can be enjoyed online is playing at a gambling website like those found at: There you'll have the opportunity to enjoy playing games of chance and skill such as slots like those found here which require no skill and poker which requires a significant amount of skill.

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Cure It With Corn

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  • Deep Core Logic - Better player distribution
  • Download scorecards as PDF
  • Specify extra players on Setup Page
  • Permanently assign Player 01 to Table 01
  • Print Player Roster
  • Print Final Tally WorkSheet
  • Print Table Placards
  • Four Formats:
    • Personalized
    • Personal Lite
    • Tally
    • Vegas-Style
  • Four Layouts:
    • Progressive play
    • Team play
    • Group play
    • ProTeam play
  • "Shuffles" opponents for a balanced distribution
  • Includes Bumps, Woodpeckers and Loners section
  • Personalize even more
    • Enter a descriptive title
    • Enter Names
      • Load player names from .TXT file
      • Manually enter names
      • "Auto Fill" with pre-loaded themes
  • Print Tournament Brackets (up to 68 teams) (view)
  • Fully Integrated with LeaderBoard Tournament Manager
  • Integrates with LeaderBoard Tournament Manager
  • newEuchre Lotto Score Cards

  • newPlay Euchre Online

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This is a program that is integrated with the EuchrePad Score Cards. It runs the entire event. You import the data-file that is associated with the score cards, and presto. All you need to do is have the players enter their score and bumps - it keeps track and at the end of the tournament - it calculates the winners and payouts.